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Our goal at Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition is to bring new and innovative soil and plant health options to your farm. We are a leading source of innovative fertility concepts in agriculture. The Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition Program is revolutionizing farming by bringing new technology to commercial agriculture fertilizers.

How our products are different

At Concept Ag, QUALITY in our products is #1. There are a lot of different fertilizer products on the market, but they are not all equal. Higher quality products are more efficiently utilized by the plant. Concept Ag further increases its quality and efficiency through utilizing new and unique technologies that allow for increased nutrient absorption, decreased leaching, and decreased salt content.

Concept Ag Biologicals are designed to mimic nature’s way of nutrient cycling. We utilize beneficial soil bacteria and fungi to release “tied-up” nutrients in the soil as well as, decompose crop residue into organic matter and available nutrients.


Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition’s Philosophy

Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition brings a new and innovative philosophy to commercial agriculture. Our concept is to bring products that increase soil and plant health, which in turn increases our customers’ bottom line. We start by using state of the art soil testing software to make precise, customized fertilizer recommendations for each grower. Then, using our exclusive soil health products, we revive soils and get the natural microbial activity going to release tied-up nutrients. Finally, using our customized plant nutrition program, we feed the plant to help it achieve its maximum yield. In the end, our customers achieve their goals while increasing their soil health for the next and future crops.

A side-by-side comparison

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